CEO Connect Program for Correctional Centers

Empowering individuals within correctional centers with essential financial literacy skills, our program equips participants with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful money management and financial independence upon reentry into society.

ceo connect

At our Correctional Center Financial Literacy Program, we are committed to empowering individuals who are currently incarcerated with the essential financial skills needed to successfully reintegrate into society. We recognize the critical role that financial literacy plays in breaking the cycle of incarceration and enabling individuals to make positive contributions to their communities upon release.

Correctional Center Financial Literacy Program

Impact and Outcomes:

Through our Correctional Center Financial Literacy Program, we have witnessed significant positive outcomes among participants, including:

  • Increased financial knowledge and confidence
  • Improved money management skills
  • Enhanced employability and job readiness
  • Reduced likelihood of re-offending
  • Strengthened family relationships and support networks
  • Greater financial stability and independence post-release
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