The CEO Program for College Athletes

The CEO Program for College provides online workshops that teach the principles of financial literacy, entrepreneurship and life skills. CEO has partnered with world class businesses and industry leaders to lend valuable real-world experience and credibility to our program, along with maximum engagement for students. 

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Gain New Skills with the CEO Program


Custom Online Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Life Skills Workshops Made Specifically for Your College Athletes

  • All CEO Lessons and Workshops with Multiple Tiers
  • Access to CEO Connect Platform
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  • Q & A’s with Industry Leaders
  • Post Graduation Resources
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  • Government Reporting Compliance with Bills and Standards Including HB7B in Florida

What We Teach

Financial Literacy

 With student-athletes now being able to profit off of their own NIL, players are set to earn income from sponsors and advertisers. With a larger paycheck comes greater responsibility, and The CEO Program teaches the financial literacy basics needed.



The CEO Program teaches student athletes the entrepreneurial skills necessary to profit from their NIL. Our modules were created to provide skills like learning taxes, setting up an presence, and signing a contract to endorse products.


Life Skills

It has become more important than ever to provide tools to help student-athletes maintain compliance and learn money management skills. The CEO Program provides athletes with workshops, financial tools, and modules to help athletes discover how to manage time and money.


Learn From Industry Leaders

About NIL

What Does NIL Stand For?

What Does NIL Stand For?

NIL stands for name, image, likeness. For years, the NCAA has used the name, image and likeness of college athletes to promote NCAA athletic programs and drive revenue. The NCAA’s interim NIL policy allows student-athletes to receive compensation for the use of their NIL. Check out how Florida is mandating college athletes take financial literacy, entrepreneurship and life skills’ workshops related to NIL.

What Does NIL Mean?

What Does NIL Mean?

Name, image and likeness (or NIL) are the three elements that make up “right of publicity”, a legal concept used to prevent or allow the use of an individual to promote a product or service. For example, if an athlete’s photograph is taken while wearing an athletic brand, and that brand uses the photo to promote their products without the athlete’s consent, that athlete could claim the brand is in violation of the right of publicity.